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    XQ-1C Fiber Tensile Tester



          The XQ-1C Fiber Tensile Tester is an updated product of the XQ-1 Fiber Tensile Tester. The operation of the tester is controlled by the computer, and during a tensile test the real time force-elongation curve is displayed on the computer screen. The measured data are analyzed and saved in the computer.

       Technical Data

    (a) Force measurement range:   0200 cN, 0300 cN

    (b) Force error:    ≤±1%

    (c) Force precision:    0.01 cN 0.1 cN;

    (d) Extension measurement range:  100 mm

    (e) Extension error:   0.05 mm

    (f) Elongation precision:    0.1%

    (g) Test speed:   1100, and 2200 mm/min

    (h) Lower clamp moving range:  100 mm

    (I) Power:     220V~±10%

    (J) Weight:     45kg

         (k) Size:          540×434×560 mm


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